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game cool

i booted it up and all i saw was what LOOKED like a door or flag, and didnt know what to do at all.

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norton doesnt allow me to play it. just keeps saying ws.reputation.1 edit i really want to play it becouse i dont think its a virus norton just doesnt allow me to

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That is pretty strange. I don’t think there is anything I can do about that from my end but I found this online about the topic.

There must be some way to whitelist files but if you aren’t sure how do that you can try what the people are suggesting in this thread. If you manage to get norton to let you play, I hope you have fun and let me know how you like the game. There is a pretty huge update coming to steam soon!

I've been looking forward to this.

Any chance for some Oculus support?

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Unfortunately I don't have an Oculus to test on or develop with.

ah, bummer. Game looks awesome though!

I didn’t think this game would suck me in so fast. And yeah, I got  an outrageous workout! Thanks for making it free.